• Publication

We provide expert support and advice on what youll need to do as an author to make your book succeed. Our publication staff consists of highly trained professionals who are experts in each stage of the publication process. We take your suggestions and requests seriously, so you’ll be very involved in the decision-making of your book from the signing of the contract till you receive the book in your hands!

  • AudioBook

Audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way to “read” books. Our audiobook narrators are skillful at embodying different characters through their voice using a clear, engaging tone to engage the listener and increase their interest. We record using high-quality equipment in a conducive space free of any white noise for superior-quality recording. Let our talented audiobook narrators bring your book to life for your readers!

  • Editing

Our meticulous editors go through your book line by line to make it more readable and improve reader’s comprehension while maintaining your writing style and voice. They will correct poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation; refine language to be clearer and more engaging; and fix factual errors and inconsistencies. After editing, your book will have polished, well-composed text that will connect and resonate with your readers.

  • Traditional Publisher’s Endorsement

Our public relations team will shine the spotlight on your book with a beautiful endorsement so that readers will anticipate it even before its official release! We use powerful words that will not only excite a target audience and compel them to purchase, but are also aimed to increase book sales.

  • Film Endorsement

How about seeing your book in live action, your characters springing to life on the big screen? Our public relations team can weave up a successful endorsement highlighting your book’s unique points and why we believe it is Hollywood material. Then we’ll pitch it to our partner movie producers.

  • Digital Presence

With the number of global Internet users hitting an all-time high, a strong digital presence is key to the success of your book. Our team of social media specialists works together to give you exposure, build public interest, and increase trust, approval, and engagement. Social post boosts from reputable sources are essential to your book’s long-term and ongoing success.

  • Professional Reviews

A vast number of potential readers rely on book reviews to decide whether a book is worthwhile. We partner with brilliant and well-read professional book reviewers who will immerse themselves in your book, share their thoughts of the writing, the message, the story, and write you compelling reviews that wow!

  • Bookstore Placement

It is every author’s dream to see their book hit the shelves for reader consumption, but landing a spot on the bookstore can be challenging with thousands of writers vying for a slot. Good for you, we have the connections and can pull some strings. Our able public relations team will help you make this happen.

  • Bookstore Signing

In-person appearances by an author for book signing or book reading is a fun and effective way to market your book—you’ll get to greet fans and potential readers. After discussing expectations, our team will strategically arrange for a book-signing event with the essential things in mind: location, date and time, foot traffic, number of books to bring, posters, will there be Q&A, etc. In short, let us handle the nitty-gritty—just be your best self, smile, and sign away!

  • Book Trailer

Nothing grabs attention better than a well-conceptualized short promotional video. Our creative team of writers and video editors will fix up a book trailer using eye-catching graphics and a powerful hook that will leave potential readers wanting for more. Share your book trailer across multiple platforms to increase your online presence and reach a wider audience.

  • Radio Interviews

People love hearing stories! A radio interview is one winning public relations strategy for authors and can prove to be of great value if the right audience is reached. Our public relations team will help you find the best radio program for your book’s niche and genre and help set up a guesting opportunity for you to connect to your target audience over the airwaves.

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