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Tommy Bruce Jones

Mr. Ben Clark

My Evaluation of his Performance.
Blue Screen Productions

I was contacted by Mr. Clark by phone and was immediately impressed by his professional approach. I listened closely as he asked me if I was interested in a traditional publisher in buying the book rights to “74 Bible Mysteries Solved.” Well that got my attention. He explained that Hachette Book Group was interested in buying my book. He explained so clearly that, at 87 years,
understood clearly. I did ask a few questions which my hearing failed me but he patiently explained the answer to my question. And has continued to do.

He covered the process of the need to republish the book with Blue Screen Productions from another publisher. I was hesitant as my book funds were depleted. But he convince me of this necessity. But I had to borrow the funds.

Shortly after I was contacted by Harer Collini firm for acquiring the same book. This started to confuse me. Two companies are vying for the same book right. Ben had to spend a lot of time with me. Harper Collini’s also wanted a query letter which I planned to do myself. With no money to buy a professional writer, I resisted. But Haper Collin’s recommended, to Mr. Clark, a person to wright the query letter at a lower cost. Mr. Clark was consistently calm and informative during the times I was confused and he kept my eyes on the end results.

Tommy Bruce Jones
669 Southview Circle
Kodak. TN 37764

Carlton P. Jordan Jr.

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with literary managers who made strong statements just short of promises, a strategy of protecting themselves and their companies I suspect. There was always a sense of their working hard, and you were right on the precipice of a dream becoming reality as your bank account got smaller and smaller, depleted from a few thousand dollars here and a few thousand

This was not the case with Allen Wilson, who first contacted me in July of 2023 and worked tirelessly through December. As a Christian author, I thank God for Allen and his tenacity, persistence, integrity, and range.

Most of us who are independent authors are not rich. We don’t have disposal cash to toss to the winds in hopes that it sticks on the door of a traditional publishing house. Instead, we have dreams and hopes, and Allen didn’t prey on either. He simply did the invisible footwork that authors cannot, that only those knowledgeable about the industry can.

And now he guides me with clarity and purpose on one book and now another toward a traditional publishing finish line that’s clearly in view. I thank God for his email, which came amid a flurry of others, but his spoke of action, of steps, of guidance. And he delivered.

I couldn’t think of a better senior literary manager navigating a ship through literary waters.

Carlton P. Jordan Jr.

Khalid H. Ali

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with Jack Jordan and the entire team at LeapWrite. From the initial stages of submission to the meticulous processes of review, editing, design, proofing, printing, and distribution of my book, the professionalism exhibited by LeapWrite has been exceptional. Jack’s prompt responsiveness and unwavering attention to detail throughout every phase of the project have truly impressed me. The clarity of LeapWrite’s guidelines and their commitment to high standards are noteworthy. Reflecting on the seamless handling of my manuscript from start to finish, I find it challenging to suggest any areas for improvement. Although I wish I had chosen LeapWrite for the first edition of my book, I have no regrets, as I am thoroughly pleased with the outstanding results achieved. – Khalid “Michael” Ali, Rise Above Hate: May God Save the King

Khalid H. Ali

Mary Sue Wallace

Your services are friendly, committed, timely and you seem to be working hard to develop the documents requested. Thank you for working with me on these projects.

Mary Sue Wallace

Gari L. Goldberg-DiStefano

To Whom It May Concern:

When Cliff Andrews called me last year, 2023, I had already hung up on many ‘literary agents’ because of the scam nature of most of them. I had no peace in my spirit about any of them until I spoke to Cliff. He understood that I was very skeptical and was having trouble trusting anything anyone said.

He said, “To prove to you that I’m for real, I will make some phone calls on behalf of your book, An Unexpected Miracle. I know 24 Hollywood people and I will call all of them.” We hung up and I thought, okay Lord, I only need one.

Cliff called me the next day and informed me that 23 of them had said no, but 1 was interested in talking to me. Literally, two days later, a producer from Focus Feature Films, called me! He was interested in my book, and also my late husband’s story. He asked me how long it would take to write his book.

I said it took 25 years to write mine, maybe I can do better. Luckily for me, my husband had written 120 pages of his own story. I am finishing his story now and will be sending it to Cliff for him to publish and share with the producer this coming Monday, January 22, 2024.

When the producer found out I had also written a children’s book that was a true story also, they told me they wanted that book as well! To say I’ve been in a state of shock since all this happened is a gross understatement. Cliff not only did what he said he would do, but calls me and keeps me informed on a regular basis. I know I can reach him if I have questions and he always responds promptly. I was so pleased to know his superiors realized how special he is and promoted him so he can train others on how to cold call authors and make them feel they can trust this company.

As this is the start of what I am believing will be an ongoing journey, I feel so blessed to have ‘met’ Cliff and look forward to meeting the team at Brilliant Books Literary and Leap Write Literary in person in the near future. Or on the red carpet at the Oscars!!!

Thank you all from the bottom of my most grateful heart that you have helped make dreams come true!

Gari L. Goldberg-DiStefano

Carol Romeo

Carol Romeo is an author, speaker and a well known experienced marriage and family therapist. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University.


Carol has a master’s degree in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. She is a passionate about her goal to bring emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing to individuals, couples, and families