Get Your Book Noticed by Big Publishers


Are you giddy, hopeful, excited to finally publish your book? Then your next step toward success is finding the right literary representation (i.e., a literary agent) to represent your book to big- and medium-scale publishers. Here’s why.

1. If you are a new writer, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. One option for you is to undertake the submissions process entirely to yourself. An easier and faster option will be to hire a literary agent, whose experience and connections will help you get work done.

2. Big- and medium-scale publishers come across hundreds to thousands of book submissions per day. While it is not impossible, it is difficult for a new writer to get noticed. A literary agent can throw in recommendations of your work to editors of publishing houses, giving you an immense advantage over unrepresented writers.

3. A literary agent knows what publishers want and knows how to pitch your work to them. They can help you refine and perfect your manuscript as thoroughly as possible, ensuring that your book is completely ready to hit publishers’ desks for review.


Leap Write Literary Agents?

  • Experience

We have experience in representing a wide range of book genres to traditional publishers. We will offer you professional advice on publishers' appetites, what we think will and will not work, and how we can make your book more marketable.

  • Solid Reputation

We have a solid reputation of being reliable and efficient. We work on a commission basis, so you can guarantee that we will do our very best for you every step of the way.

  • Honest & Transparent

We are honest and transparent, upfront with our writers from the start. Do we like your book? What can be improved? How much will our commission be? etc. We do not waste authors' time, telling them their book is good if we believe it is not.

  • Persistent

We are persistent. We know competition is tough in the publishing industry, but our agents are tougher. We do not let minor setbacks stop us from our goal—getting your book published by a publisher that matters.

  • Well-read

We are well-read. Our agents know how to differentiate a great read from a mediocre one. Once we strike a deal with you, you can be assured that we believe your book has the potential to be published and received well by readers.

  • Connection

We already have connections with potential publishing houses. We know key persons who can get you the best publishing deals. We've got your back.