Meditations from the River

Have you ever jumped into a cool lake or river in the heat of a summer day? If you have, then you know how wondrously refreshing it is. All the heat that had permeated your body and consumed your thinking is suddenly drawn from you by this amazing liquid plunge. If this is true in the natural, how much more amazing would a plunge into God's River be? Meditations from the River - Healing Waters for Troubled Times is an invitation for you to jump into the river of God. Through this collection of poems and meditations there is a stream of Jesus' love, compassion and transformation to meet you at your point of need. Do you need healing in your emotions from a recent loss or heartbreak? Are you dry in your spirit or sick in your body? Have you suffered a lengthy trial and need refreshing? Do you long for the comfort of the Father's hand? It can all be found in the river of God. Carol did not always believe that God's healing waters could restore her to health. Through these pages you will catch a glimpse of her battle with the emotional and physical effects of fibromyalgia and the unhealthy ways she processed her pain and loss. You will also hear the ways the river of God met her, the words of comfort Jesus spoke to her, and the hope the Spirit breathed into her heart. In time, she was pleased and grateful to discover that this river contained all the grace she needed for her wearisome journey. She hopes that you find the same is true for you. Jump in.


Paul Langdon is a struggling real estate broker. By nature, he is a cautious man, adverse to taking risks. While scouting out a tract of land, Paul loses his way in the woods. After wandering helplessly for several days, he is saved by the interventions of a wolf – except there are no wolves in upstate New York.

As a lukewarm Christian, Paul discovers that his miraculous encounter has challenged his faith in God. Two additional miracles, each more compelling than the last, combine to strengthen his spiritual devotion.

This story explores the nuances of genuine faith, and in light of God’s sovereignty, what trusting in Him truly entails.


Riding in the Backseat with My Brother takes readers through a journey beginning in the ‘50s steered by a dad who had wanderlust, and a nervous mother who gave her third child away following a nervous breakdown after his birth. Our lineage of distant relatives some called gypsies, wanderers, or Irish Travelers, had not skipped this generation altogether. “As we bounced across the country, sucking up the sounds, smells, and sights of new places, the events along the way formed us, making imprints in our hearts and minds forever.”


Before airplanes crossed the oceans, gigantic gas-filled airships cruised serenely between Europe and North and South America. The horrific 1937 crash of the Hindenburg, the pride of Nazi Germany, ended that phase of passenger travel, and more than twenty years passed before heavier-than-air passenger airliners could cross the Atlantic again. In Graphene, Alexandra Shultz’s dream of reviving that lost age of air travel comes true when she enters a proposal for a Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) cruise ship into an entrepreneur’s contest, and billionaire venture capitalist Max Brita becomes a believer. Together they take the LTA concept and the miraculous new material Graphene into products and vessels the original dirigible designers never would have dreamt of.


Children are fragile, shy, and unsure of themselves. Yet there are some children who feel they are the universe. They have to learn how to value themselves, their contribution, and their property; and to do the same for others. They have to learn that they do not live on an island by themselves. Therefore, they have to learn how to socially interact with others, and learn how to love, respect, and appreciate themselves, as well as others. This book will teach them these skills.


The book tells the story of the Dorights. Susan and Jim have a problem with their kids, Billy and Mary. A really big problem. Their kids are rude and impolite. So in a desperate attempt to teach their kids good manners, they came up with a game called the Magic Word Game. When something happens or they want something, Billy and Mary must use the magic words. If not, they will become invisible and their parents will not see them. Only the magic words will make the spell go away.

Magic Words teaches through positive reinforcement that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior makes them invisible and ignored. “It is fascinating how easy it is to teach a child without raising your voice or losing your temper,” says McAliley, who has over twenty-five years of teaching experience. Parents who are looking for ideas to discipline their children will find an answer in this book.


Across the twelve seas, in the land of Ur - King William, ruler of the Northern Kingdom betrothed his daughter, Juliette, Countess of Lyon Head to Richard, son of King Fredrick, ruler of the Southern Kingdom. The wedding was to stop the wars between the two empires once and for all. This arrangement was unsettling to the sisters of Black Water; a dark evil place on the Isle of Drake. The sisters, Greta and Hagar were witches, better known as the Twins. They would stop at nothing to ensure the two kingdoms never united. Unbeknownst to King William, the Twins had a spy; one deceitful character on the king’s council. He was more than pleased to secretly hand over information to the witches on Juliette’s whereabouts. With Juliette out of the picture – the wedding could not take place. It was on one of her many escorted journeys through the Redwood Forest that she was abducted. While the Twins held Juliette captive in their filthy dungeon below their castle, she was forced to drink an evil potion; sealing her fate forever. This ruthless deed by the Twins would set in motion the ancient one’s long journey through time to find the Promise…