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We are honest and transparent, upfront with our writers from the start. Do we like your book? What can be improved? How much will our commission be? etc. We do not waste authors’ time, telling them their book is good if we believe it is not.

We are well-read. Our agents know how to differentiate a great read from a mediocre one. Once we strike a deal with you, you can be assured that we believe your book has the potential to be published and received well by readers.

We have a solid reputation of being reliable and efficient. We work on a commission basis, so you can guarantee that we will do our very best for you every step of the way.

We are persistent. We know competition is tough in the publishing industry, but our agents are tougher. We do not let minor setbacks stop us from our goal—getting your book published by a publisher that matters.

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Today's Rights and Illusions is the best component for potential paths, serving as a frontline for a climate brewing with strengths that give provoking thoughts. It is inspired by words dynamically expressed as shout-outs entrenched with communication nurtured for conferences supporting truth. It presents tips for one to feel the objective of a party of offenders who have a number of views that add eyes to pain prone to conversations on a population opened to rights and wrongs in the workplace. Beliefs over derogatory comments apart from certain wars raging on a whack on the rump suggest an environment transitioning into a program that gears vendors posing a plight dire to the mire more than season to season.

Almost Sixteen-year-old Josh Mayer has a falling out with his parents over their perception of his lack of accomplishments in school, work, and sports in comparison to his older brother. eir criticisms lead to Josh's self-evaluation of what he needs to do to "be better." He meets Kelly, a shy fellow student, who sees Josh in a much more pleasant light. With her encouragement, Josh attempts to solve his family problems by taking on another job for the rest of the school year and then getting away on a long summer bicycle trip. Unimagined adventures and a lot of growing up are down the road.

This book details the challenges caregivers face on a daily basis and how to overcome them. Overall, the book can and will make you understand and respect all caregivers for what they do...

Dak'tari was a child conceived in an alliance with Darkness and raising in a fortress dedicated to death and murder. Till the day comes when she is embraced by her heritage and a dark forgotten god as the instrument of his revenge against the gods of Tamora, which had cast him down eons ago.While a party of humans, elves and dwarfs head into The Northern Waste to investigate the whispered rumors that a hoard of creatures are amassing for an assault on Tamora. Dak'tari enters the realm of the dead on a quest to destroy those that betrayed her beloved.

In today's fast paced world, where any answer can be found in 3 seconds or two clicks, it is easy to forget the importance of 'you' being 'you'. You are unique - in all of the eight billion people who now inhabit planet Earth, there's only one 'you'.


So, you owe it to yourself to be everything you can be, and for all the right reasons. The Handbook of Personal Power has been written to help you find your personal power, and develop it into your greatest capability. Open it to any page, and you'll find a message just for you. Enjoy the discovery of your true self, and all the power that awaits you.