Colombia Prostitution – What to Realize about Sex and Hookers in 2018

Being I’m in Miami, and that’s just a hop, skip, and a leap from the Latin The usa, I’m near to a lot of debauchery.  Should you decide didn’t learn my personal present day at Costa Rica,
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. We  go into the do’s and would nots in relation to hiring escorts, checking out sexual massage therapy parlors, and finding hookers.  Nowadays i’ll talk about sex in Colombia and more so how it relates to the prostitutes in Colombia.  They can be genuine lookers, but what you may not need to know about legal aspects?  Read on to have the down reduced.

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What is the Prostitution Scene like in Colombia?

The majority of guys will concur that the going prices for operating ladies (escorts) in Colombia is among the fairest prices in every of North and south usa.  Include the sheer number of readily available females, therefore the amount of all of them that are completely spectacular, and you have a formula that simply breeds new customers from inside the pastime of whore mongering.

The ladies have quite shapely, in shape bodies in the average mainly considering the natural food offered to all of them and the sheer simple fact that they are not truly into unhealthy food like folks are within the U.S.A.  Additionally there is a lot of walking done on a regular basis, which seriously helps.  Regarding average, I’d must claim that Colombian women have significantly more drive than women from other countries in terms of becoming fit and seeking their finest.  They likewise have lots of opposition, and really, that adds energy into flame.

The people is a lot younger than the U.S.A. and Europe because a generation ago people were having three to eight kids per household.  Its slowed down, but now individuals are having much less children, and this produced countless 18 to 30-year-old ladies in the culture, right in the wheel household of what foreign men would look for in a local prostitute.

You will find females of all types in Colombia.  You will find darker skinned ladies over the North Coast inside cities of Cartagena and Baranquilla.  The greater amount of common vacationer city of Medellin, made popular by Pablo Escobar as well as the Medellin Cartel, provides much lighter skinned women and lots of that hobby golden-haired locks.  The metropolis of Cali features ladies with “Piel Canela,” which means cinnamon epidermis.

The women will always shopping for solutions due to the fact that males in Colombia tend to be serial cheaters.  Not all of training course, although vast majority have actually side chics.  Ladies are typically remaining expecting after which afterwards discontinued for some thing younger and much better.  Its sad, but genuine.  Remaining which will make their own means in daily life, most women check out prostitution.

Something that’s acceptable by all people to Colombia is the fact that ladies – regardless of where you choose to go – are drop lifeless attractive.

If you weren’t during the recognize, now you understand.  Colombia is actually officially from the map as a destination for settled pleasures.  Do not let the reality that there had been problems in the 1980’s and 90’s with medication cartels scare you, just understand that lifetime is a little more affordable in Colombia if you mess-up.  Medication cartels usually do not fuss, but if you steer clear of all of them and get sincere, you ought to be alright.

The sex trade, which will be legal, was made common in Medellin.  Having been indeed there on several occasions, i could say the trip is actually well worth it.  The ladies are far more gorgeous and sweet compared to Costa Rica, plus money goes a little further.  You will discover a booming market in Cartagena, that we have not checked out, but pals let me know its a great deal more commercialized and similar to South Beach.  Naturally, the main city town of Bogota is actually widespread as well and you will discover motion in Barranquilla, a coastal town made well-known by significant residents Shakira and Sofia Vergara.

Ways to be Safe in Colombia

This should be a no-brainer, but many people get by themselves in big trouble to be in the streets in the evening – by yourself.  Anywhere in America’s – shit – actually bad components of Miami – you should be in teams and start to become mindful.  If you’re out at night, simply take cabs or Ubers.

Never ever keep the drink unattended.  The chance of having some body poison you is a lot larger when comparing to other countries.  When you get drugged and lose control, you’re going to be robbed.  Women are total assassins in relation to this work of theft. Being a clear non-native means you really have a target solidly added to the head.

Take money for someplace to hook up. If you are in a nice hotel, it is likely that they are going to make it a world when you arrive straight back late with a sex individual.  There are numerous love motels located in all metropolises of Colombia together with Latin The united states, and it’s really common to use these.  Definitely, in the event that you rent out a VRBO or Air BNB, you’ve probably don’t worry about this depending on the principles you consented to.

What’s the Cost of a Prostitute in Colombia?

How much cash carry out prostitutes price in Colombia? It is a question with diverse answers, so please read below discover how the circumstance modifications according to in which you are going.

Colombian Strip Club Ladies

Like many some other Latin American nations, remove organizations are brothels that give entertainment.  See the women carry out, seize you you love, immediately after which approach all of them about the “deal.”  Some clubs have rooms on area to utilize, although some will charge a fee for take-out.  You’ll save money if you possibly could perform some deed on properties, however.


The majority of remove groups have minimum consumption costs.  Make sure you understand what you’re getting into earlier becomes a problem.


this differs by place – essentially if it’s a regional dump, you’ll be obtaining inexpensive sex.  If you should be at an elegant joint, like Fase Dos in Medellin, you’ll shell out even more.  But’s really worth noting your strip pub ladies are normally the best paid in the grand system of things.  You’ll end up relieved the cover charge for in was 10,000 COP, and is about $3.50 now.

Colombian Bar Freelancers

Actually ever choose a club for the U.S.A. and possess a gal who is throughout you, getting personal, interactive, and into you?  You strike right up an excellent convo, and bring her towards area, and an awkward discussion about price areas?

Me neither.  But in Colombia, it occurs.  Plus it takes place above you imagine.  That can be great, and bad.

Costs for the freelancer women in pubs is about 100,000 policeman, which needless to say you are able to negotiate.

Colombian Brothel Ladies

While I say brothels, I’m not such as the remove clubs, just to be 100per cent clear.  But don’t be shocked if a brothel has some type of strip tease to give you hard and horny.  At a brothel, you satisfy ladies, speak to the girl, generate a package, then check out an area for sexual joys.  An hour will be the common period of time many offer 30 minute quickie sessions.

Maybe you have a small cost in order to get in, nevertheless will not be a lot.  Maybe 10,000 COP. If you’re in virtually any red-light region, you are going to choose one of those.  The majority of have a dozen or even more females and often get packed up with as much as 50+ on weekends.  You will notice that these include comparable to jump taverns and somewhat unkept, so I’d suggest that you keep any valuables home, but that need to be good judgment.

Costs for brothels in Colombia are usually about 150,000 policeman one hour.  A really well-known one will demand about 300,000 policeman.  The most effective one I went to was called Loutron.  Run, you should not stroll, to Loutron if you make it to Medellin.  In fact, it’s not possible to do either since it is way-up on a mountain.  Merely believe me right here.

If you want to get yourself great and enthusiastic, only have a look at their unique
Instagram web page

Colombian Massage Therapy Ladies

Like entering the clearance part at the regional Walmart, you will find top discounts on
ladies at a sensual massage therapy parlor
.  Even though the women aren’t because gorgeous as other places, there are lots of them about and also you could usually choose one you would like. It takes only one, appropriate?  You’ll find locations where cover anything from downright concealed to inside face and dominant.  They offer females from a few on location to sometimes 15-20 whether or not it’s a busy area.

You’ll get the essential rub down, so if you’re fortunate, a genuine massage.  Because it moves into an erotic massage therapy, you’re going to get a hand task, strike job, or intercourse.  This selections, and is getting mentioned beforehand which means you know what you will get and what price.

Once more, you might not like the women here everything remove clubs, but I heard many people proclaiming that not too long ago a lot of the women like these places because of the discretion.  It is also fun choosing all of them.

Expect to pay around 100,000 policeman for the full time of fun. Often, they’ll be larger, plus some shall be less.  You often will find alcohol available for purchase. What is a lot better than that?

Colombian Dating Website Girls

Cannot eliminate online dating sites while in Colombia.  Lots of men which travel there use them usually.  But be cautious of planned criminal activity and ladies who will drug you.  We steer clear of these usually, of course, if i really do make use of them, I meet with the ladies call at public and vet all of them for a while.  There isn’t any shortage of ebony women dating using the internet.  Numerous gravitate towards Colombian Cupid.

Should you ask expats what’s their favorite option to meet ladies in Colombia, many will say to you
Colombian Cupid
. That is the greatest online dating site in the country, and contains lots and lots of youthful and appealing Colombian girls, everyone seeking to fulfill a nice foreigner.

Plenty of these women can be covertly selecting propinas (tips.)  Count on a request for money (RFM) for 50,000 to 100,000 COP.

Escort Internet Sites in Colombia

You will find heard amazing things about making use of companion solutions in Medellin, nevertheless I never utilized one actually.  If you utilize Bing, you will find a lot of I’m certain.

Expect to pay 300,000 policeman or even more.

Colombian Street Hookers

While I am not into street walkers for security factors, almost always there is that one guy who’s are Indiana Jones and go on a crusade for your temple of ho’s exactly who walk the roads.

They are the bottom from the barrel, least expensive choices if you find yourself upwards for an adventure.  Visitors larger places have actually locations full of all of them, in reality. I’ve just viewed them on streets that surround Fase 2 in Medellin, and once again, I don’t trust this for security reasons, so be careful.

Rates will start around dirt-cheap to really cheap.  Not making this up, you can acquire laid for $5 should you play the notes correct.  But you should not anticipate a beauty.

When you yourself have any queries or inquiries, please leave them here.  I’ll try to keep these pages new as I have many pals exactly who head to Colombia generally as well as like discussing their own hook-up stories with me.

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